Explore our wide range of ribbons, trimmings, and accessories to bring your dolls house to life.

Discover enchanting ribbons, edging materials and haberdashery - from delicate lace to playful pom-pom braid - elevating your creations with timeless beauty and creative charm and adding the finishing touches to your dolls house projects.


  • Lace

    A collection of many different styles of Lace for making Bedding, Curtains and other furnishings in your Dolls house, that little bit extra special 

  • Braid & Edgings

    Pretty Braids for all of your Dolls house project. All are excellent edging materials for trimming curtains, furniture and clothing.

  • Ribbons

    Elevate your creations with our many colours of fine, narrow organza and satin ribbons. Put the little finishing touches to Dresses, Hats, Bags and Bedding.

    Most of our ribbons are just a few millimetres in width - perfect for your tiny creations!

  • Yarns and Wool

    Soft 1 Ply Wool in many colours for all your miniature knitting projects.

    Check out some of our own knitted and crochet designs.

  • Bias Binding and Pleating

    Bias binding to add a finished edge to bed linen and curtains.

    Lace edge pleating for Bed valences 

  • Buttons

    Miniature buttons in colours to compliment our wide range of fabrics and trimmings.

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